The Crib, The Camp and The Club

The Crib, The Camp and The Club are classes that have been developed to serve the needs of children and provide an environment that has been created just for them.  Special attention has not only been given to the curriculum, but also to the physical environment.  Classrooms are lively, engaging and inviting; the children want to be there.


The Crib hosts nursery aged children (newborn up to age 3) and is open during both our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.  In The Crib, nursery aged children will be loved and cared for while parents attend adult services without the worry of keeping their little ones quiet and still.  Our nursery staff has a true love for children and parents can be at ease when children are in their care.


The Camp is the first step in introducing children to a classroom setting at CrossWay and hosts children ages 3 through 1st grade.  In this class, the Word is broken down into bite-sized pieces so that children walk away having learned something about the Bible.  Lesson time is important in this class, but it is also accompanied by snack time, music time and play time.  We know that the attention span in this age group is limited, so our goal is to get "one thing" to stick.  If every week a toddler learns "one thing" about the Bible, soon enough their interest will grow and their hearts can't help but desire to know more about this Great Big God that we serve.


The Club is a class developed for children in grades 2 through 5.  In these developing years it is important to establish a core knowledge of who God is and why we serve Him.  This class encourages children to bring their questions, bring theirr worries and bring their friends.  While it is a curriculum driven class, our teaching staff always takes time to address situations that are affecting the children in their daily walk with Jesus.  Sometimes, in this age group just making new friends can be a frightening experience and we need to relay that Jesus cares about those feelings and He wants to help us in every situation we encounter.  This class is really where children begin to understand that salvation is about a relationship with Christ.

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